stocking schedule for august & slightly beyond


^^^ a very early sneak peek at what’s coming in Loops.  Heavily inspired by Laser Tag :)

Upcoming Pre-Orders:

August 13 – Sized Loops – estimated shipping date:  September 6

August 20 – Squish – estimated shipping:  September 13

August 27 – One-Size Prints – estimated shipping:  September 20

September 3 – Newborn Prints – estimated shipping:  September 27

All of our pre-orders open at 9pm eastern time on our website:

Be sure to join our buy/sell/trade page on Facebook for stalking help, stocking info, giveaways, drawings, and lots of good company ♥ 

simple luxury



Soft, cozy, easy, quick drying, no stinkies, organic, hand-made in the USA…what else could a person want in a diaper?  Nada.  These are a stash staple & they’ll open for pre-orders tonight at 9pm eastern time.  Don’t miss it!

laser tag




Every once in a while I get an idea knocking about in my brain that I just can’t get rid of.  This was one of them.  I wasn’t sure the real thing would look the same as the idea in my head, but it does!  I had originally intended this diaper to be for a Bliss stocking, but it was a bit more work than expected so it’s a one of a kind.

This diaper will be lotto’ed for purchase on our buy/sell/trade page today: $65 postage paid to the US, $70 to Canada, $72 to other international addresses.

Diaper Specifics:

  • Neon Thread Quilted Outer – Organic Bamboo Fleece
  • Hidden Core – Organic Bamboo Fleece
  • Inner – Organic Bamboo Velour
  • Snaps – Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Green, & Neon Pink

A few more pictures can be seen on my Flickr.


soft as a feather

Squish are a must-have for any cloth diaper stash.  But don’t take my word for it, ask around!  They’ve developed a reputation as the softest, squishiest, most absorbent, most luxurious diapers out.  I love making them & I love, love coming up with new color combos.  This month’s colors were entirely inspired by pictures from Design Seeds (love that site).











These go up for pre-ordering tonight at 9pm eastern time & they will go fast!  Join our buy/sell/trade page for stalking help!

See you tonight ♥

from sea to shining sea & canada too

^^sea to shining sea


^^yankee doodle squish


^^bottle rocket


^^canada day


Patriotic Pre-Orders tonight at 9pm eastern time!

4th of July pre-orders (Sea to Shining Sea, Yankee Doodle, & Bottle Rocket) will ship June 14.

Canada Day pre-orders will ship June 11.

These will go off like fireworks, so be there & ready to go at stocking time!

Join our buy/sell/trade page!

newborn stocking

It’s an all newborn stocking tonight!  These teeny tiny diapers are sewn & ready to ship, so if you’re expecting any time soon & haven’t rounded out your stash of newborn cloth diapers here’s your chance!

I get so many emails from moms with brand new bubs, begging for more newborn fitteds because they  love the fit on their itty bitty baby so much and need more.  These diapers fit tiny newborn babies perfectly, not too big, not too bulky, not too overwhelming.  And they fit long enough for you to get good use of them before tucking them away for your next baby, trading them, or selling them (often for nearly what you paid!).

Lots of sweet newborn fluff stocking tonight at 9pm eastern time!  ♥

meatless monday in 5 minutes ~ bean & cheese roll ups

It’s been one of those weeks, a few of ‘em actually.  With too much to do & not enough time to even come close to being done, I’ve been finding myself standing in the kitchen at 6pm with nothing cooked, nothing planned, nothing but a couple of hungry kids.  The following has saved me from complete dinner time meltdown on more than one occasion recently.  It’s not fancy but it is tasty & if you’re kids are big enough they can help make it.  We usually have these roll ups with chips, salsa & guacamole, and a fruit salad.  They travel well, so are great in lunch boxes.





  • 1 can vegetarian refried beans
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • salsa
  • soft taco size whole wheat or flour tortillas

Lay one tortilla flat on a microwave safe plate & spread with a layer of beans & then a layer of salsa.  Top with shredded cheese.  Microwave for 30 seconds – 1 minute, until cheese is melted.  It’s hot!  Let cool slightly, then roll it up & cut in half.

Eat & enjoy!

Other optional fillings:  sliced olives; scallions; whole beans such as black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans; rice; corn; cilantro; and/or sour cream (put it on after microwaving).

What’s your need-a-tasty-veggie-dinner-right-now secret weapon?  Leave a link & help a mama out!

10 good reasons to go vegetarian one day a week

may stocking schedule

Here’s the tentative stocking schedule for the month of May…

May 7 – Newborn Stocking — all instock & ready to ship!

May 14 – All Minky Stocking!  Pre-orders for one-size (& maybe newborn?) minky fitteds, shipping May 28

May 21 – Bliss Stocking

May 28 – Squish Stocking, shipping June 11


I hope to get some terry squares made & stocked as ready to ship somewhere near the end of the month, stay tuned to Facebook for more info on that.

As we continue to smooth out the kinks of  being back in our home studio, & with the end of the school year rapidly approaching, stocking times may shift a bit.

Need an instant fluff fix?  Check out our group page, we have an active & friendly buy/sell/trade community.

newborn stocking postponement

Tonight was scheduled to be a newborn stocking, but I have a machine that’s not working & that dramatically slowed the sewing process.  I’m guessing no one wants a partially sewn diaper, so the newborn stocking will be rescheduled for next Tuesday, the 7th.

BUT I have all these one-size leftovers hanging around here, taking up space.  To get rid of them I’m packing them up as grab bags!  Join us on our buy/sell/trade Facebook page tonight at 9pm eastern time, I’ll do these lotto style & use to pick the winning buyers.  This helps eliminate the risk of oversells & makes it a little fairer for those with a slower internet connection.

Here’s how it’ll work:

–I’ll post on the buy/sell/trade page something like this:

One-Size Boyish Grab Bag – $69 shipped within the US / $79 to Canada / $82 to Europe – 4 available

–If you’re interested, you leave a comment.  Any comment will do.  One comment per person please!

–I’ll leave the post open for 15 minutes, then close it & use to pick 4 numbers

–Your comment is your number — if you leave the 7th comment, you’re number 7 — if number 7 is one of the numbers picked by, you are a winning buyer!   Yippee!  You’ll email me your PayPal email address, I’ll email you an invoice, you pay, I ship, you get Oranges in your mailbox!

A couple of notes:

Please don’t comment if you’re not really interested in buying.  You might win & then you’ll have to tell me you don’t really want it, & that’s sort of embarrassing.

A Grab Bag = 2 one-size diapers, normally priced $35-$38 each + shipping.  Grab Bag prices include shipping.

These diapers are made & already packed up.  I’ll just be grabbing a package & sticking a mailing label on it.  That means I won’t know what you’re getting & you might get a duplicate of a print you already have (usually during grab bag fulfillment, I try my best to avoid doing that).

Join our b/s/t page here:

See you tonight at 9pm eastern time!

april print stocking!










It’s stocking day!  Gorgeous prints that these pictures really don’t do justice.  It’s been dreary & drizzly which doesn’t lend itself to good picture taking.  You’ll have to take my word for it, these prints are fantastic!


Mahalo – stocking with butter cotton velour or natural organic bamboo velour

Big Top – stocking with turquoise cotton velour or natural organic bamboo velour

Orange Crush – stocking with royal blue cotton velour or natural organic bamboo velour

Kiddie Pool – stocking with natural cotton velour or natural organic bamboo velour

‘Lectric Leopard – stocking with lime cotton velour or natural organic bamboo velour

Kimono – stocking with pink cotton velour or natural organic bamboo velour


Each available as singles & duos as pictured, and each will have the option of inner color & snapped or snapless.

They open for pre-orders at 9pm eastern time on our website, shipping on May 7th.  They’ll sell out fast! Be logged in & ready to go or enlist stalking help on our buy/sell/trade page.  See you tonight!




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